engineers build the world..and they celebrate it..celebrate it with their skills and fests, events and seminars..and compete with engineers from around the cultural, annual and techno fests..and show their supermacy… brings an online information desk for engineering fests, events, seminars and much more for engineering students to stay abreast with the events happening among the budding engineering community., a subsidiary of, strives to offer a galore of information about national and international fests and events taking place across the various engineering colleges of India. is a one stop solution for the fests, seminars, conferences, workshops and symposiums of engineering colleges, even if it has the minutest relation with the engineering domain.

What we seek here is better connectivity of engineering students from multiple campuses across the India among themselves by making them aware of fests, workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums organized by various engineering colleges of India.

A need for such a portal was felt and has taken an initiative in the form of for engineering students and alumni (engineers) so that they can remain updated with latest events and fests being conducted in colleges and university campuses in their vicinity.

Kunal Bansal, who was once an engineering student, used to remember days when he kept searching for platforms like but he was not fortunate enough to find any! Hence, he planned to venture for a service which can help engineering students in real manner finding then what they seek.

angineer – an engineer!!

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  1. lakshmiprasanna vallepu
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 17:34:00

    civil topics for2013 gec fest

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