Exebit 2012, IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Your wait for the most extravagant tech-confluence is all but over. Exebit is back folks, and it just got better! Come, witness the magic at Exebit 2012 that is surely going to astonish you to no known limits. This will be the place to find all the hackers, uber cool coders and tech-enthusiasts of the country. Exebit gives you an opportunity to sync with the world, a world which is moving at an ever increasing pace.

To see how intelligent the AI robots have gotten, or to show off that you can PWN any guy in this country, to find out how bad the security of your favourite operating system is, or even just to compete with the best in the country to prove how good you are at coding, Exebit 2012 is the place to be. Fun and funk interspersed with tech never got bigger than this. We graciously solicit your presence at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of IIT Madras from March 2-4 to experience the unforgettable.

Finding it hard to keep up with the world of tech? Ever wondered where to start your journey towards demi-godship in Tech. Exebit 2012 is the place for you! We provide you an avenue and opportunity to know about a wide array of technologies and tools. Learn all about cloud computing, get your hands dirty with the Kinect controller, the coolest gadget you can find today, or see how awesome python, vim, emacs, and other programming tools are. Other highligts of this Exebit are Hadoop workshop, CUDA programming, Blender workshop and hacking nights.

Win lots of cash prizes by participating in an array of mind titillating events. This Exebit, we have events like Puzzle championship, Code obfuscation, Math modeling, Reverse coding and many more onsite events.

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