Primavera 12, MNIT Jaipur, Rajasthan

This can be the last blossoming spring of our lives so get grooved for the final extravaganza called “PRIMAVERA” ignoring 21-12-2012, transferring to heavens all hells.

This year with doomsday, the annual national techno-cultural fest of ‘ Malaviya National Institute Of Technology Jaipur’ is ready to celebrate the clash of young minds with sensational and chilling cultural nights which will make your body and bones shiver with a slight fear of doomsday and lots of thrilling fun.

So lock and load, and keep a check on your ammo because MNIT is the oasis in this world’s draught ridden sand.

Some events categories include technical, photography, literature, dramatics, art, quizzical, etc registrations have started, so visit the website to register.
Fest dates: 24th Feb-26th Feb

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