Sanketa 12, SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh

“Technology unleashed”

Since the dawn of time mankind has been in a race for technological superiority whether it’s the field of space age rockets or the production of day to day objects. As true students of mechanical engineering we would like to participate in this never ending quest for technological excellence. As a part of that endeavor we are introducing “SANKETA 12” .

Sanketa 12 is the national level technical symposium being organized by the Association of Mechanical Engineering students (A.M.E) . Being conducted at campus of Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju Engineering College (SRKREC), Bhimavaram . On MARCH 2nd & 3rd, 2012. The main aims and objectives of the Event include

To become a platform for knowledge sharing among the student community.
To be a perfect platform for showcasing new technologies .
To create environmental awareness among students.
Providing the best platform for the sharing and development of innovative ideas
In addition to these, we stand infront of you with a new idea for the
welfare of our Environment, ECO+.

SANKETA 12 is the place to be for all you technocrats to showcase your inventions to share your knowledge and most importantly gain new knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and more……..

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