Shabd 2012, CMR College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

SHABD – 2012
– Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future

SHABD-2012, the famous first of it’s kind of CMR college of Engg & Tech, will rake up many fond memories across many generations. A biennial fest, it is undoubtedly one of the most awaited in Hyderabad. Come to SHABD-2012 and you’ll definitely not miss the twinkle in their eyes & the pride in their voice. SHABD is the first of its kind.

The city will get a taste of an actual Literary fest in the year 2012. Pulling it off was no simple task. There was everything at stake. Money, pride, hard work & faith. Students toiled day in & day out. They had no previous experience, no mentor to guide them. All they have is a vision. They want to give the city an unforgettable fest , something they could be proud of. A true college fest..!!!

Numerous meetings, arguments, discussions and loads of trips & hours, at times days of persuasion for the sponsors to chip in. It definitely wasn’t easy. But no one was complaining. And the result people will see. Here were students aiming for the stars & they definitely reached the skies. SHABD will be etched in people’s memory forever.

It will be a ritual which had to continue come what may. The hard work, the dedication, the hopes & dreams continued. SHABD will be the pride of CMRCET. A fest which will truly set us apart from other colleges.
The stage will be set …!!!
If the crowd’s will-power is anything to go by that come hell or high water, there is nothing that can dampen the spirit of the students.

The date is set, the team has plunged into action. There is a standard to surpass, expectations to live upto. We promises to be different yet remain the same in spirit.
SHABD, a literary fest that is ready to set a new benchmark which is going to have some amazing stuff. Wait and see.

And Hey!! Everyone is invited…..

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