Techfest 201, Technical Fests in Mumbai (Maharashtra), January 2014

Event details for Techfest 201 under Technical Fests category taking place in city Mumbai in state Maharashtra during January 2014.

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Event Name
Techfest 201
Event Start Date
2014-01-03 00:00:00
Event End Date
2014-01-05 00:00:00
Event Details
Techfest ever since its inception in 1998, has grown from being the science and technology festival of IIT Bombay to being the Asia’s largest festival of its kind. With an annual footfall of over 100,000 and an outreach of 2300 colleges across India, Techfest has extended spread its wings into the many diverse technical genres that exist. These range from bringing in the latest exhibits to getting renowned speakers from across the world to motivate the youth. Techfest is thus synonymous to a wholesome festival encompassing the everyday segments of life – work, fun and passion into a single technological amalgamation
Event Website
Event Institute
Indian Institue of Technology
Event Social URL
Event List
Cassiopeian Wars

- Grid Warrior

- Apexo

- Codestruck


- TIMUN, IIT Bombay

- Reform'n'ation




- Prakriti

- Unnat

- Yojna


- Magneto

- Polaroid

- Hover-On

- Scholastic


- Hydranoid: Rush

- Techfest Automotive Challenge

- Contraption

- Inclino

Xtreme Machines

- Robowars: Death Well

- Full Throttle: The chase

- Aviator: Design Challenge

- Aviator: Flying Challenge

Code Master

- HackTricks

- Techfest International Coding Challenge


- HackTricks Workshop

- IRC Workshops

- Eyebotics

- Green Architecture

- Augmented Reality

- Swarm Robotics

- PSoC

- Bikers

- Arduped

- Gyrocopter

- HackTricks IIT Bombay

- Android Application Development

- Web Development

- Wi Comm

- Cloud Computing




Event Contact Details
Shrey Singh, 9969827672
Akash Supe

Sunny Raj

Mashal Kumar

Sugat Ravalia
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