Tryst 2012, IIT Delhi, Delhi

Imagine an alternate universe, one in which every aspect of your reality is altered. Let your mind indulge itself in the age old war of ideas between Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla. The premise is set in a world where the inhabitants have been programmed to believe that they are the sole entities on Earth – while there exists a thriving universe beneath them, slaving day and night, to survive and maintain their individuality. Split the way you see the world, and allow imagination to create the Hive Humanity on Earth’s surface– that has been trained to establish a system of taboos, that quell the desire to exist independently of the hive mind, and the Orange Society – a population of robots, that inhabits the subterranean part of earth.

Centuries and centuries of wars, truces and subdued resentment finally ignites the citizens of the Orange Society to reclaim their land, their Earth. Thus begins the Orange Revolution, the war for robotic independence. The world is about to witness the most intense battle ever fought.

Whose side are you on?

Set in this fantastic alternate reality, IIT Delhi’s Technical Festival ‘Tryst’ returns with a bang as a perfect stage for talent, brilliance and intelligence, between the 2nd and 5th of March 2012. One of the most successful technical fests across the country, Tryst 2012 promises to be bigger and better than ever before – as it undergoes a reinvention, combining the technical fest and the entrepreneurial summit under one roof. To applaud the creations of many geniuses across centuries, Tryst 2012 will endorse the Sci-Fi theme, and pay tribute to some of the most favorite contributions in science fiction of all times.

This March, discover and embrace the Geek in you.

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